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    What is the root cause of your unhealthy relationship?

    Have you ever wondered why the relationship you start soon breaks down?Because at the beginning that relationship is beautiful and full of colors. But over time the color of that relationship starts to fade. And then the same relationship gradually turns into unhealthy and toxic relationships. But before moving forward, I would like to ask one thing that if you are going through such a relationship, then first of all do couples counseling in west palm beach. Which will help you to get out of this situation. So by coming out of this problem we have to understand where it starts. Because when we catch its root then we can find a permanent solution to this problem.

    So it starts with our mind, our mind needs something new all the time, something different from the previous one, it does not sit peacefully anywhere, it needs something unique, it is curious to know about different things. Then because of that, we find something new with our partner. Because in the beginning, the reason for the good running of the relationship is that in the beginning, this mind feels very good. Because for your mind it means that this experience is completely new for you. But as time passes, you look for something new in your partner, which is pleasing to this mind, but you do not find it. And then you ask your partner to be what they don’t want to be. You throw the burden of your reasons on them without any reason. Maybe you are always busy proving yourself, that only you are right. Because of this gradually the problems start increasing. When one of the two becomes more dominant then the other has to lose. As if there is less reason on one side of the scale and more on one side. It is obvious that the side which has more weight will win the part. The same thing happens in a relationship as well.

    But it should not be so. If the weight of the scale is balanced then it is considered correct. Because this is your relationship, there should be no question of winning or losing. It is a long journey, in which partners will need each other in difficult times. And they should also support each other. But this doesn’t happen. Conflict occurs in most relationships. Then gradually the distance starts between them and then the breakup happens. And this is the reason for being a victim of depression and anxiety. Then that depression becomes a part of your life, it engulfs you so much that you start having many types of mental diseases. Along with the mental, physical diseases also start accumulating in your body. So if you are very worried about stress due to depression, then first of all get your anxiety treatment at West Palm Beach. See, in such a situation it is very difficult to come out on your own, you should take someone’s help. Which will give you the correct solution. And a therapist could give you the best solution to overcome this problem. Many times people start adjusting themselves instead of dealing with this problem. Which is completely wrong. But we will help you to get out of this problem gradually, just go to this website http://www.therapistinwestpalmbeach.com/ book your appointment.