Fair Conditioning A Common Sense Approach towards City Planning and Design – Fair Conditioning

A Common Sense Approach towards City Planning and Design


Urban Design


Urban Planning

Academic Year

4'th Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Inclusive Development


Livable Cities


Urban Development

Activity Type



Field Visit

Activity duration

1-2 days


To understand the issues of a city and collectively arrive at simplistic solutions possible to tackle the issues.


Students will be able to build their own perspective of urban development and question the current development paradigms. Students will be able to understand the environmental destruction that development perspectives are exclusive of, and understand the foundation of inclusive development.


Black/white board, Laptop, internet


Knowledge about the city, information on the future development projects and planned for the city.


Step 1: Organize the class into a few groups and visit parts of the selected city to understand the vibe, ethos, and problems in the city. This step can be skipped if the students are already aware and know the city well. 

Step 2: Collectively list down the issues that the city is facing such as pollution, traffic, Transport infrastructure, quality of living in Informal settlements,  decreasing greenery and open spaces, heritage, etc.  

Step 3: Each group takes one issue.

Step 4: Discuss each issue collectively and come up with simple common sense based simple solutions, without its implementation related complexes for eg; public transportation for increasing traffic and congestion issue without addressing the issues related to the implementation of public transportation. 

Step 5: Research and find out such cities or communities where such solutions are practically implemented and functional. 

Step 6 :  Share with the larger group. 

Step 7 : Try to arrive and discuss the reasons for such solutions not being implemented in your own city in your respective groups.



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