Fair Conditioning A Residence in an Informal Settlement – Fair Conditioning

A Residence in an Informal Settlement


Architectural Design


Residential Design Studio

Academic Year

1'st Year


2'nd Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Informal Settlements


Spatial Injustice

Activity Type


Activity duration

1 day


Objective: To design a house in an Informal settlement catering to their requirements.

Outcome: Students will be equipped to cater and address the needs and design requirements of houses in Informal settlements. Students will be sensitised towards expanding their role to informal settlements.

Requirements: Drafting board/Laptop

Prerequisites: Study of a house in an Informal settlement and analogies between formal and informal housing. This activity ideally is conceived in continuation to the residential design studio.


Step 1: Students will list down and come up with a design program based on their visit and studying houses in the informal settlements. The program should be inclusive of the socio-cultural parameters, spatial needs, thermal comfort, activities, budget alignments and open space requirements. 

Step 2: Design a house for an Informal settlement dweller, parallely to the residential project given in the studio. This can be taken as a Minor design project. 

Step 3:  Present and share the design

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