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Active Listening and Communication


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1'st Year

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Community Engagement


Community Engagment

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< 1 hour


To understand the need to approach discussions with curiosity and a listening ear, to support building meaningful relationships with other architects, clients and other stakeholders.


Designing for others needs an extra edge to listen, to observe with an unbiased mind. This activity will make the students explore their listening skills and foster deeper relationships with the fellow co-travellers.


List of prompt questions/topics to speak about




Step 1: Form groups of two students each. Each pair is given a real-life based issue they can speak on ( eg. challenges I face in keeping up with my coursework). 

Student 2: Students are given time to speak on the given topic in their respective pairs and also told that they can discuss anything they want to in relation to what the other shares, among themselves. Students are not given any other instructions at this stage.

Step 2 : Students are given another issue to speak on in pairs with the following instructions : a) do  not interrupt the other while speaking. b) At the end of the conversation they are asked to paraphrase what the other has heard by saying, ‘ I heard you say….’, what I understand from what you’ve said is……’ c) Do not advise the other, but listen with the intention to understand them better. (The idea is to emphasise the need to approach a conversation with curiosity and truly listen to the other. The idea is to emphasise the importance of not advising and suggesting , but only listening) 

Step 3: All students are asked to share their thoughts and learnings from the two conversations they had. a) which conversation made them feel heard? b) which conversation made them feel like they can now empathise better with the other. 

The intended outcome is that it will highlight the benefits of truly ‘listening’ to others, a skill they can carry forward in life as they interact with people they will work with in the future. 



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