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Air Motion & Ventilation



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2'nd Year

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Air Motion


Air Properties

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< 30 mins


To Study air motion & ventilation patterns in a building with the help of an Incense Stick


Students will understand the importance of natural ventilation while designing a space.


Incense Stick, Matchbox, Floor Plan of College building.




Step 1: Based on the total rooms in the college, organize the class such a way that each room is allotted to either a student or a group, depending on the number of students, 

Step 2: Using a matchbox, blow a few incense sticks.

Step 3: Give incense sticks to each student/group and ask them to go to their allotted classrooms.

Step 4: Place the incense stick at the centre of the classroom.

Step 5: Switch off all the fans of the classroom and open all the openings of the room.

Step 6: Observe the motion smoke (air) of the incense stick and mark on the floor plan.

Step 7: After coming back to the classroom, stick the floor plans on the wall.

Step 8: Observe the difference in the motion of the air in the different classrooms on the floor plan.

Step 9: Analyse and Reflect on the patterns of the air movement as observed in different scenarios. Discuss what are the factors that affect the air motion: Orientation, Wind movement and direction, number of openings, distance between the fan to opening and opening to opening, etc. 



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