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Building Material Suitability




Materials & Methods in Building Construction

Academic Year

2'nd Year

Complexity Level


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Climatic Zone


Passive Design Principles


Vernacular Architecture

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Activity duration

1-2 hours


Objective and Outcome: Students will learn to develop varied perspectives around the suitability of building materials considering the thermal properties, climatic zones, local context, historical precedence and availability.  

Prerequisites: Basic know-how about properties of  varied building materials, climatic zones, awareness of vernacular Architecture around India and passive design principles


Step 1: Have prepared statements or co-create with the students on building materials for different climatic zones that enable agreeing to or not 

For example: “Burnt clay brick is a better building material for walls compared to sandstone in Rajasthan” OR Laterite stone is an appropriate building material in mountainous regions in North India. 

Step 2: Let two chairs be kept. “Agree Chair” and “Disagree Chair”. Students will occupy either of the chairs per turn depending on their choice 

Step 3:  Each group to analyse and discuss on their chosen stance, taking into account factors stated in the objective 

Step 4: Students can nominate a spokesperson for their respective group who will share with the entire class the essence of their deliberations

Step 5: Draw salient points from the discussion, encourage students to research on those points that require it

References: Templates for debates.

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