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Circularity in Construction materials (Repurposed-Recycled Materials)


Building Economics




Material and Building Construction

Academic Year

4'th Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Circular Economy


Green Materials & Innovations

Activity Type

Research and study

Activity duration

3 hours

Research and documentation on material innovations, repurposed or made out of waste and their applications globally (Ecoboard, Using plastic for roads, plastic based pavers, Carbon captured products, Bio-waste, etc.)

To document and study the new age materials and innovations globally made out of waste. To understand its impact on the environment and economics.


Students will be informed and aware of the new innovations and technologies for sustainable and low carbon materials


Laptop, internet and powerpoint


Intermediate knowledge of materials used in construction and Circular economy.


Step 1: Unite the class into 5-6 groups and assign each group one material innovation such as Concrete waste, plastic waste, Discarded wood/plywood, Biowaste, metals and minerals byproducts and waste, carbon emission and capture (The list can be changed as the trainer and the students want)

Step 2: The students need to research on innovations and repurposing of all the categories occurring at global level

Step 3: Share the findings of the innovations and technologies with other groups.



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