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Comparison of Solar (Renewable) and Fossil Fuel Powered Buildings


Building Services

Academic Year

3'rd Year


4'th Year

Complexity Level


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Climate Change


Energy Efficiency


Renewable Energy

Activity Type

Numerical Exercise

Activity duration

1 day


 Drawing analogies between energy efficiency of a fossil fuel powered building and solar powered building (ideally a residential building)


Students will be able to understand the multiple benefits of switching to renewable energy. Students will also able to identify the challenges of the transition, with respect to initial investment and gaps in technology.



  1. Prior identification and selection of the fossil fuel powered and solar powered building
  2. Understanding of electricity consumption and bills of the buildings.
  3. Understanding the transition investment to solar energy as a resource.
  4. A solar expert/consultant would be ideal to anchor this activity.

Step 1: Analyse energy consumption and costs through electricity bills of both types of buildings

Step 2: Based on speaking to the residents/users and solar power consultants, gather information on the challenges faced and the investment cost of solar power infrastructure for the building

Step 3: Conduct a payback period by comparing operational costs and figuring out how many years the solar power will be costwise sustainable. (Payback period = total cost of solar roof installation / operational monthly costs ) 

Step 4 – Through an emission factor analysis calculate the emissions from a fossil fuel powered home vs solar powered home. Calculate the environmental impact in terms of reduced emissions. 

Step 5 – Comprehend the findings and reflect.



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