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Compressor & Bi-cycle Pedal 


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2'nd Year

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Active Cooling


Air Conditioning


Energy Efficiency

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1 day


Replacing the power source of a compressor of an air conditioner (window Air conditioner) with bicycle pedal as the power source


Students will understand using alternative power sources to power an air conditioner.


Bi-cycle sprocket with operational Pedal, an old working Air Conditioner from junk yard or an air conditioner in the college. 

  • Knowledge about working of Window air conditioner, air compressor.
  • Understanding of mechanical energy to power an electrical device.

Step 1: Open up an air conditioner 

Step 2: Study the electrical connection of the air conditioner. Images for reference provided. An engineer or a resource person would be ideal to be inclusive in this experiment.

Step 3: Identify the components required to connect a Bicycle pedal apparatus to an AC using a DC motor. Create a blueprint of connecting the bicycle to the electrical wires in the AC .

Step 4: Execute the connections. Use voltmeter to test the input at connection points during the unit tests. 

Step 5: Once small unit tests are completed test the overall powering of AC by pedalling the bicycle. 

Step 6: Note down observations and inferences.


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