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Cool Colour Caps



Academic Year

2'nd Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Passive Design Principles




Thermal Conductivity

Activity Type



Model Making

Activity duration

4-6 hours


Objective: To prepare head caps with reflective & dark coloured materials to explain the difference in Reflectivity and Absorption in different colors

Outcome: Students will understand the difference in  Reflectivity, and Absorption with different colours

Materials: White caps, dark colour clothes, sewing needle, thread, gum, Temperature gun

Prerequisites: None


Step 1:. Students can make a list of reflective and dark colours and collect samples of  cloth accordingly or paint 

Step 2: Students can form into teams of 2-3 

Step 3: Each team can choose a colour and either stitch them on top of the white cap or paint

Step 4: Expose these different coloured caps to heat – preferably leaving them in a sunny place such as the terrace ensuring equal exposure 

Step 5: After a good exposure, say an hour or so, measure the temperature using temperature guns on the top and bottom of the cap.

Step 6: Record the readings in the tabular column.

Cap ColourWhiteBlackSilverYellowOrangeRedBlueGreen
Reading Time
Top of cap
Reading : Bottom of cap

Step 7: Observe which colors are more reflective or absorptive than others. Where can this knowledge be applied in building design

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