Fair Conditioning Critical Evaluation of a Slum Redevelopment Proposal/Project – Fair Conditioning

Critical Evaluation of a Slum Redevelopment Proposal/Project




Urban Planning

Academic Year

3'rd Year


4'th Year

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Affordable Housing


Informal Settlements


Urban Development

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Activity duration

1 week


To select a proposed Slum redevelopment project in your city and assess the gaps by studying and analysing the area and the proposal. 


Students will develop perspectives around the Slum redevelopment models by critically evaluating their approach. Students will also assess the design gaps, needs and their important role in such dynamic complex reality of urban development.


Laptop, field visit


Selection of a slum redevelopment project that is proposed in your city, the details and plans of the project, visit to an existing slum redeveloped project


This activity can be a minor project in the housing/urban planning subject.

Step 1: Students are asked to visit the settlement that is proposed to be redeveloped.

Step 2: Study the development plans

Step 3: Study and map the following

  • positive and negative impact on the community, in terms of socio-cultural-economic as well as environment aspect.
  • The possible impact on the area/context
  • Design of the houses – the suitability and functionality for the kind of informal work/trades that exist in the settlement
  • Passive design, thermal comfort, sustainable approach in design (since the students have gathered perspectives on past redeveloped projects of such informal settlements.)

Step 4: Based on the findings and learnings, students are asked to present the design and development strategies with a focus on humane and ecocentric redevelopment, most importantly an inclusive development approach to Affordable housing.



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