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Critically Examining the Sustainability of Skyscrapers


Urban Design


Urban Planning

Academic Year

3'rd Year


4'th Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Building Bylaws


Green Buildings

Activity Type


Activity duration

1 week


Objective: To help students critically evaluate the sustainability of skyscrapers.

Outcome: Students will be aware of the sustainability of skyscrapers which will support them make informed decisions about the buildings they design when they are practising architects.


Step 1: Share the topic of the critical analysis in the classroom: ‘The sustainability of skyscrapers’.

Step 2: Share and discuss the purpose of doing the research in the classroom and why it is important to critically analyse the sustainability of skyscrapers.

Step 3: Inform students that a few references will be shared with them and that they must also look for information beyond the references to come up with a critical analysis of the sustainability of skyscrapers.

Step  4: Unite students into groups of 4 each and ask them to work on the critical analysis collectively and prepare a presentation of their findings and share it during the next class ( there should be a minimum timespan of a week until the next class). Inform them that each group will have 5 minutes to present their findings. 

Step 5: At the next class after students have presented their critical analysis presentations , present the conclusion of critical analysis to the class.






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