Fair Conditioning Development over Forest Cover – Fair Conditioning

Development over Forest Cover




Urban Design


Urban Planning

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1'st Year


2'nd Year

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Built Environment


Climate Change


Urban Development

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4-6 hours


To trace the changing land use and declining forest cover over development by choosing such a project/area to study.


Students will understand how our approach chooses ‘Development over Ecology’ and how it is contributing to climate change at both micro-macro levels.


Maps, Census


Select a forest area which has witnessed losing of its forest over development and transformed in recent years.


Ideally an environmental activist or an organisation working with rights of Tribals can be the best mentor and guide for the students to help them understand the gravity of the current situation with the diminishing forest cover.

Step 1: Observe maps of the selected area across a period of 30 years for every 5 years, if resources are available.

Step 2: Gather all the information through secondary research on the area and the development projects, Environment Impact Assessment reports, impact on tribals and interaction with the mentor. 

Step 3: Simultaneously also understand the population growth/census during these interval

Step 4: Reflect on the impact that the development has created on the immediate context and changing climate patterns at the state level.



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