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EPI Calculation of College Building


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2'nd Year

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Climate Justice


Energy Consumption


Energy Efficiency

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2-4 hours


To estimate the energy performance index (EPI) of the college building.


Students will gain understanding on Environmental performance mapping and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) guidelines for different typology of buildings and be mindful of it while designing the buildings.


Measuring tape (long), Plan of the institute, monthly electricity bill.


A conceptual knowledge of electrical energy consumption and Energy Performance Index (EPI). 


Step 1: Identify the climatic zone of the city in which the institutional building is located. 

Step 2: Obtain the monthly electricity bills  of the college building for the past one year.

Step 3: Determine each month’s electricity consumption of the past year from the bill.

Step 4: Add these values to get energy consumption of the past year (kWh/yr).

Step 5: Measure the area (in m2) of the building by measuring length and breadth from the outside of the building.

Step 6: Estimate the built-up area (in m2) for the entire building by multiplying a single floor area by the number of floors.

Step 7: Estimate the EPI (in kWh/m2/yr) by dividing energy consumption per year (in kWh/yr) with the building’s built-up area (in m2). 

Step 8: Compare the EPI with the benchmark provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for institutes.

Step 9: If

  1. EPIbuilding > EPIbenchmark : Building’s energy performance is unsatisfactory
  2. EPIbuilding < EPIbenchmark : Building’s energy performance is good
Sample Calculations

Step 1: 

  1. City : Pune
  2. Climatic Zone5 : Warm & Humid

Step 2: Energy Consumption per year (kWh/yr) = 1,790,000 kWh/yr

Step 3: Built-up Area of the Building (m2) = 10,000 m2

Step 4: Energy Performance Index (kWh/m2-yr) = $$\frac{\:\text{Energy Consumption per year (kWh/yr)}}{\:\text{Built-up Area of the Building (m2)}}$$

= $$\frac{\:\text{1,790,000}}{\:\text{10,000}}$$

= 179 kWh/m2-yr 

Step 5: EPI Benchmark for Institutes (For Warm & Humid Climate Zone)6 = 150 kWh/m2-yr.

Step 6: Since EPIbuilding > EPIbenchmark, the building performance is unsatisfactory.


Supplementary Notes Section: Energy Performance Index

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