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Form and Orientation Selection



Academic Year

2'nd Year

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Building Heat Transfer


Form and Orientation


Passive Design Principles


Solar Geometry

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< 30 mins


To enable students to understand the heat gain from different directions of Sun’s position.


Students will be able to understand that the choice of a form and orientation of a building affects the heat gain to a building.




Conceptual knowledge of passive design strategies


Step 1: Show the following image A and image B to students

Step 2: Ask students which image they will want to select for their design 

Step 3: Give 5 minutes to students to think on the questions posed. 

Step 4: Students share their views on the questions for 15 minutes.  

Step 5: Explain to students about the heat gain caused due to the East, West, North and South orientation of a design.

Thumb rules:

  1. In northern tropical climates, orient building shorter side to the E-W axis so that thermal gain due to solar radiation will get minimised and daylight infiltration maximised
  2. Controlling sunlight through horizontal shading devices is easier on the Southern/Northern side. Whereas, vertical shading devices on the Eastern and Western side of the building.

Image A & B

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