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Global Warming Potential of Conventional Air Conditioners


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Natural Refrigerants

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  1. To derive names of refrigerants from their refrigerant numbers.
  2. To learn about the concept of Global Warming Potentials for conventional and natural refrigerants.
  1. Students will be sensitized about the hazardous impacts of conventional refrigerants due to high GWP value.
  2. Students will come to know that natural refrigerants are a sustainable, viable option to replace them.

Currency notes, coins

  1. Refrigerant nomenclature
  2. Concept of Global Warming Potential (GWP). 

Step 1: Create eight groups from amongst students.

Step 2: Ask each group to choose from the following conventional refrigerants:  

  1. R410A
  2. R22
  3. R134A
  4. R32
  5. R290
  6. R1270
  7. R744
  8. R717

Step 3: Each group to classify their refrigerant based on refrigerant type (HCFC, HFC etc.) and determine their GWP values for a 100 year period.

Step 4: Assign one rupee to a GWP value of 10.

Step 5: Before coming to the next class, each group will bring the money equating to the GWP values for their chosen refrigerants.

Step 6: In the next class, ask each group to tell the name of the refrigerant, and the money that they have brought. 

Step 7: Write these values on the board along with the corresponding group-name.

Step 8: The group having the least amount of money, is the richest (environmentally) amongst them.

Step 9: Succeed the game by discussing the issues of conventional refrigerants having high GWP and the alternative of natural refrigerants as a sustainable viable option. 

Step 10: Each group researches and shares atleast one natural refrigerant’s name and its environmental impact, uses, possible cooling system systems and case studies.


RefrigerantTypeNameGWP (100 yr)Money (Rs.)
Group 1R410a
Group 2R22
Group 3R134a
Group 4R32
Group 5R290
Group 6R1270
Group 7R744
Group 8R717
  1. Refrigerant nomenclature: https://nptel.ac.in/courses/112105129/pdf/R&AC%20Lecture%2026.pdf
  2. Refrigerant types and issues: http://www.fairconditioning.org/resources/#126-module-ppts-1478947081

Refrigerants, their types and GWP values

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