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Greenhouse Effect in a Car



Academic Year

1'st Year


2'nd Year

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Building Heat Transfer




Greenhouse Effect



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Activity duration

1-2 hours


​To experience

  • Heat gain through conduction (metal body) and radiation (glass) inside a car.
  • Greenhouse effect inside a car.

Students will

  • Comprehend the thermal discomfort on the inside of an aesthetic but poorly designed glass building.
  • Experience the greenhouse effect.

A car parked nearby, infrared thermometer.

  • A conceptual knowledge of heat transfer processes.
  • A conceptual knowledge of greenhouse gases and their effects.

Step 1: On a hot summer day, go with the entire class  to a car parked nearby, which is exposed to direct sunlight.

Step 2: Let students form groups of 5 or 6

Step 3: Each group sits inside the car for 5 minutes with doors and windows closed.

Step 4: Once all the groups are done, indulge in a dialogue with students. 

  1. How many felt uncomfortable?
  2. What was the reason for your discomfort?
  3. If sitting inside a car for a few minutes was an uncomfortable experience, what would be the level of thermal discomfort while sitting for hours together inside a building which has a glass-metal structure, where both glass and metal are massive contributors to heat gain inside the building?
  4. How is it sensible to build ‘ovens’ and then open the door of the ‘refrigerator’ to fight the heat?
  5. How is it sensible to construct buildings for mere aesthetic purposes while having poor thermal performance?

To know more about greenhouse effect: https://www.livescience.com/37743-greenhouse-effect.html

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