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IDEC: Physical Model


Building Services

Academic Year

3'rd Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Evaporative Cooling


Space Cooling


Sustainable Building Design

Activity Type

Model Making

Activity duration

8+ hours


To exercise on scaled model of IDEC


Students will understand how Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling systems work with hands-on experience of model making. 


Panels (of what material, type?) for Heat Exchanger, Water, Water pipes, Fan, Water tank, Float valve, Air blower, Cardboard


 A conceptual knowledge of

  1. Evaporative cooling
  2. Direct Evaporative cooling
  3. Indirect Evaporative cooling

Step 1: Organise the class into smaller groups of students to work on components individually.

Step 2: Create a structure with four walls, roof and floor to mimic an actual room.

Step 3: Create two kinds of panels to allow dry and wet air streams. Make the panels of two different colours to distinguish their purpose.

Step 4: Assemble them alternatively. This becomes a heat exchanger.

Step 5: Place the water pipe above these panels. Make holes in the pipe to ensure water drips only over wet airstream panels

Step 6: Switch on the water supply so that water drips on the panels meant for wet airstream

Step 7: Switch on the fan

Step 8: Allow warm air to pass through the wet surface of the heat exchanger so that water on it evaporates and material of heat exchanger gets cooled.

Step 9: Allow air to pass through the dry panels of the heat exchanger where it is cooled by its virtue of interaction with the cool surface

Step 10: Air is now cooled and using a pipe let it out the other end


Fair conditioning youtube channel: Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling Animation

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