Fair Conditioning Initiating Understanding towards Capitalist Driven Development – Fair Conditioning

Initiating Understanding towards Capitalist Driven Development


Building Economics

Academic Year

3'rd Year


4'th Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Environmental Impact of Architecture


Inclusive Development


Urban Development

Activity Type

Home Assignment

Activity duration

1 week


o provoke students to critically analyse  ‘so-called’ development that compromise on people and ecology in favour of capitalist driven economic growth.


Students will be equipped with a lens that critically questions the current development paradigms and parameters of growth we ground to, as a society. Students will also be exposed and exploring alternative models of growth.


An article/s/books that critique conventional notions of city development and emphasises the need for people and ecology centric development and alternative theories and practices of inclusive development.


Few articles and books, selected and to be read before the contemplative collective discussion.


Step 1:  Create small groups based on the readings 

Step 2:  Students are asked to read the article/s/books and given a week or two

Step 3: Students are asked to present and share: 

  • Present the findings and inferences by critical analysis and grounding based on the lens of inclusivity and holistic perspective of development. 
  • Analyse the kind of injustices provoked such as social, ecological, climate, economic
  • Research and share the alternative modes of development and economy.

Step 4:  The class will discuss and debate the pros and cons of both the current and alternative paradigms presented by the groups.

  1. https://thewire.in/urban/our-cities-prioritise-real-estate-over-ecological-sustainability

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