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Making Natural Wall Paints and Finishes


Materials & Methods in Building Construction

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1'st Year


2'nd Year

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Natural Paint


Vernacular Architecture

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Activity duration

1-2 days


Make the natural wall paints under the guidance.


Students will be able to witness the making of natural paints and draw an analogy in difference of chemical vs naturally made paints.


Readiness for hands on work

  • Research and basic understanding of natural paints and the paints that are used currently 
  • Resource person for the natural paints workshop,
  • materials that are required as stated by the resource person, 
  • an outdoor space for the process

Step 1: Prerequisite reading and research: Study about both Natural paints as well as chemical based paints and how both are made. Read about how traditionally natural finishes are used in Vernacular Architecture, and how it enhances local materials and culture. The teacher or the coordinator to request for any prerequisite readings suggested by the resource person.

Step 2: Indulge in the natural paint making process as directed by the resource person.

Step 3: Paint a space/wall with the natural paint to experience the difference in the space character than the chemical paints that are used often.

Step 4: Reflect on 

  • Where all Natural paints are still used?
  • Why it doesn’t find large usage in contemporary built spaces
  • Cascading impact of usage of natural extracts as paints for buildings.
  • Impact of Chemical based paints environmentally as well as psychologically.

Step 5: Share the reflections in the larger group. 


Dhirty Hands, Ar. Anushree Tandolkar (Resource person suggestion)

Source of Idea

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