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Modelling Passive Design Strategies


Building Information Modelling

Academic Year

3'rd Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Building Energy Modelling


Passive Design Principles


Sustainable Building Design

Activity Type

Simulation Software

Activity duration

8+ hours


To learn how to model buildings with passive design strategies on a building energy modelling software


Students will learn quick analysis of energy efficiency of passive design strategies through modelling their designs on building energy modelling software.


Building energy modeling software


Students should have knowledge of building design, passive design strategies and Building energy modelling softwares


Step 1: Introduce the students to the building modeling softwares such as IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions ltd.), ECOTECT, Design Builder, REVIT,  to students. An external resource person with this skill would be ideal.

Step 2: Organize the class into 2-3 groups.

Step 3: Give students an exercise either to explore and design a building with passive design strategies such as form and orientation, shading, natural ventilation design, optimal window to wall ratio, natural daylighting, different environment friendly materials, etc. or select an already designed project that is designed mindfully with passive design strategies. Ask the students to use the softwares to model the building. 

Step 4: Students present their design models to others each group constructively critiques the design that is presented.





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