Fair Conditioning Oven in a Refrigerator – Fair Conditioning

Oven in a Refrigerator


Building Design

Academic Year

3'rd Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Building Heat Transfer


Space Cooling

Activity Type


Activity duration

1-2 hours


Objective: Discuss the logic behind building ovens and then cooling them with refrigerators.

Outcome: Students will understand how environmentally faulty design leads to entrapment of heat inside the buildings which then is drawn out by mechanical ventilation.

Prerequisites: A conceptual knowledge of processes of heat transfer and passive design.


Step 1: Set context in the class about the topic- Oven in Refrigerator by asking how students relate to the words Oven and Refrigerator and Oven in refrigerator.

Step 2: Ask the next question to students: What can cause heat to get trapped inside a building? State the design flaws which lead to this.

Step 2: Give a minute to students to think about the posed question.

Step 3: Students share their views on the question for 15 minutes. 

Step 4: Note the points on the blackboard.

Step 5: Ask the following question to students: How was thermal comfort achieved in traditional/vernacular buildings?

Repeat steps 2,3,4.

Step 6: Ask the following question to students: Can we provide passive design solutions to this problem?

Repeat steps 2,3,4.

Step 7: Present the conclusion of the discussion.

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