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Overhang Analysis




Computer Application in Architecture

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2'nd Year

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Passive Cooling


Solar Geometry


Sustainable Building Design

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Simulation Software

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< 1 hour


To analyze the shading at different times of the day of an overhang designed for your building.


 Students will be able to visualize the overhang shadow on the window for any date and time, as well as an annual chart illustrating the overhang shade each hour of the day, each month of the year.


Internet and laptop/PC


Fundamental knowledge about passive design and solar geometry


Step 1: Open https://www.susdesign.com/overhang/index.php

Step 2: In the Basics tab-Click and hold to move the slider button to set the location’s north or south latitude, date and time (24 hours).

Step 3: In the Window tab, enter the direction of the window and its dimensions. The length measurements in this tool are unit-less. Use the same units throughout (all feet, all inches, all millimeters, etc.).

Step 4: In the Overhang Tab- Enter the required dimensions i.e. width, depth, above window, horizontal offset. 

Step 5: In Chart Tab- Select Shading%, Direct+Diffuse+Reflected, kWh/m2

Step 6: The output chart will display at what time of day in which month, how much shading will be acquired. This can be studied and incorporated accordingly in your design to get favourable thermal and energy efficient spatial conditions.

Reference Image

Shading Chart

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