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Photo Repository of Passive Design Strategies


Architectural Design

Academic Year

3'rd Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Design Thinking


Passive Design Principles


Sustainable Building Design

Activity Type

Home Assignment

Activity duration

1-2 hours

Objective and outcome

To create a photo repository of Passive Design Strategies students have learnt and used in each semester in their designs. This will also be a ready reference for the junior batches.




Basic knowledge of passive design strategies


Step 1: Ask students to identify the passive design strategies used in their projects from 1st semester to the ongoing semester. This will also reflect how much they have integrated Passive design strategies into their design approach.

Step 2: Ask students to make a common list of passive design strategies.

Step 3: Create small groups depending on the list and ask each group to take up one and write briefly about each strategy. Each group also presents about the strategy to other groups for ensuring collective learning.

Step 4: Make a common Repository of passive design strategy which can be referred by junior batches and can be timely updated.



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