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Radiant Cooling Effect from Ice-Filled Tumblers



Academic Year

2'nd Year

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Radiant Cooling


Space Cooling


Thermal comfort

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Activity duration

1-2 hours


Understanding radiant cooling by replicating the effect of radiant cooling with ice filled steel tumblers.


Students will experience the effect of radiant cooling.


Four Steel tumblers , Ice to fill each tumbler


Understanding of the principle of radiant cooling


Step 1: Organize the class into 4 groups.

Step 2: Each group is provided with a steel tumbler filled with ice.

Step 3: Each group will touch and observe the surface of the steel tumbler in the beginning and regular intervals of 20 minutes, till the time ice has melted. Discuss within the group how it feels and does it add to their Thermal comfort. 

Step 4: Discuss the following points and questions:

  • Does it feel a little cool or is there no difference?
  • Why does it feel cold? Which principle of heat transfer is working here?
  • How can this demonstrative experience be used in space cooling in one‚Äôs design?
  • Can this replace the energy intensive Air conditioners, which uses Air as a cooling medium and not water? 

Step 5: The facilitator introduces the class to the Radiant cooling system and fundamental details of the same. 


 Fairconditioning: Radiant cooling Animation Video

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