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Radiant Panel Area Calculation




Materials & Methods in Building Construction

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3'rd Year

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Radiant Cooling


Sustainable Building Design


Thermal comfort

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Numerical Exercise

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1-2 hours


Estimating radiant panel area for meeting sensible cooling load required for the considered room for radiant cooling system design.


Students will have hands-on experience of determining and designing the area required for radiant cooling and enhance their learning about sustainable cooling systems and technologies which can help them integrate it into their designs and reduce the use of Air Conditioners.


Laptop, Calculator


Pre determine Q value (Specific heating/cooling capacity in W/m2) of a room from the ‘Radiant cooling system design’


Decide on a few parameters such as Pipe diameter, spacing, system type i.e. Floor, wall, ceiling, etc. which will determine the Q value.

Step 1: Below is the sample calculation

Assume a Floor based radiant cooling system. Assume 

specific cooling capacity or output (upward) value = 34 W/m2 

Output loss (downward) = 10% i.e. 3.4% 

pipe spacing =100 mm 

Loop length = 150 mm

Step 2: Loop Area = (Loop length x spacing)/1000

150×100/1000 = 15 sq metre

Step 3: Total output per loop (W) = Qx loop area + output lossx loop area

34×15 + 3.4×15 = 561 Watt

Additional calculations: 

Flow rate (Kg/hr) = Total Watt/ (4.2x1000xDelta T) x 36000 



Fairconditioning youtube channel: Radiant Cooling Animation

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