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Rate Your Own Building


Building Structure



Academic Year

2'nd Year


3'rd Year

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Climate Change


Energy Efficient Design


National Standards/Benchmarks (BEE, ECBC etc.)

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Activity duration

1-2 days

  1. To learn and understand ECBC Rating Guideline 
  2. To rate a building based on ECBC criteria 

Students will learn to integrate energy efficient design features and approach while designing a building.


ECBC Guideline

  • Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) guidelines 
  • A knowledge of energy efficient building and its related design features
  • Knowledge and Information of one’s own building based on the checklists. The faculty will be preparing students to gather the required information of their own building.
  • One can either take their own residential building/house or neighbouring commercial building.

Step 1: Introduce the background and the ECBC guidelines document for both Residential and Commercial buildings.

Step 2: Give the students exercise to go through and understand the ECBC document. Allocate a few sections within different groups.

Step 3: Ask each group to share the findings of the sections with the entire class to enable holistic understanding of the guideline document

Step 4: Give instruction to students explaining how to do the compliance analysis of ECBC of a building 

Step 5: Create a checklist of information collectively, required to do the ECBC compliance analysis 

Step 6: Form groups of two students each.

Step 7: Each group collects data of the building to be studied as per the created checklist.

Step 8: Analyse the building by comparing the building’s information with the ECBC requirements

Step 9: Give a rating of the building

Step 10: Discuss on the design recommendations to make the building can perform better.

Step 11: Reflect and share the findings with the entire class. 



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