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Reading an Act/Law/Program related to Urban Development




Constitution of India & Professional Ethics


Urban Planning

Academic Year

4'th Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Climate Change


Development Guidelines


Inclusive Development


Urban Development

Activity Type


Activity duration

2-3 days


 To make the students well versed with the laws and policies that impact and influence the development paradigms, the focus can be sustainable/inclusive development and climate inclined policies.


Students after critical understanding of the laws will be better positioned to understand the complex development perspectives and approaches. 


 Laptop, Internet, Powerpoint


Selection of the laws, policies and acts to be studied. 


The selection would be based on the current discourse of development. For eg. in the current climate crisis, it is best suited to pick up climate action plans of India, National Solar mission, Environment Impact Assessment processes, Environment protection Act, Land acquisition act, National green tribunal act, The Air and Water  (Prevention and control of pollution) Act, Solid waste management rules, Right to Information Act, etc. 

Step 1: Unite the class into the groups of 3-4 each.

Step 2: Each group to select one act/law/government plan/program relevant to the current development paradigms and climate crisis

Step 3: Study and critically evaluate the acts and laws, its impact, for and against environment or sustainable development. Cite and understand through case studies.

Step 4: Each group will explain the act to other groups and most importantly their critical evaluation of the same. A discussion or debate can be formed later on any of the acts. 

Step 5: Students can also alternatively explore writing a short opinionated writeup with critical view of the larger impact of the selected act



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