Fair Conditioning Retrofitting and Repurposing Architecture – Fair Conditioning

Retrofitting and Repurposing Architecture


Adaptive Re-use of Built Forms


Architectural Design


Building Construction


Urban Design

Academic Year

4'th Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Adaptive Reuse of Building


Building Conservation & Heritage


Informal Settlements

Activity Type


Activity duration

1 day


To assess the role of an architect and scope of architecture in retrofitting and repurposing of an existing structure.


Students will critically view their role and limitations as an architect catering to only new formally commissioned projects. Reusing and repurposing is the key to climate action and sustainable architecture. The future architects will expand their role and perspectives in enhancing and bettering already existing buildings and spaces.


Measure tape, laptop, sketchbook


Selection of the site, building, structure, spaces


Step 1: Unite the students into 3 different groups. Each group is assigned one space challenge: Informal housing (to make climate resilient), Old heritage residential building (in use) and a non-occupied dilapidated heritage structure (not in use)

Step 2: Each group will visit the site, take the required measurements and make their observations of the structure. In case of the structures in use, the students will interact with the inhabitants and understand their issues of liveability, the limitations of the space and materials, as shared by the users.

Step 3: The group will collectively suggest design revisions and retrofits accordingly. 

Step 4 : Each group will share their project with others. Discuss the potential and possibilities of other ideas from all. 



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