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Reviewing Contemporary Architectural Media


Architectural Writings & Journalism

Academic Year

4'th Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Architectural Practice


Informal Settlements

Activity Type




Activity duration

2-4 hours


Objective: To bring the students attention to the representative and narratives of socially marginalised spaces and architecture in contemporary architectural media, and identifying the gaps in Architectural practices and contribution as a whole towards the built environment.  

Outcome:  Students are catalysed to represent/work beyond their limited roles, and extend their expertise and responsibility towards socially marginalised spaces through their architectural endeavours in the future. 

Requirements: Contemporary architecture magazines / different editions of the same magazine ( pdf or hard copy)

Prerequisites: An orientation to architecture in affluent and socially marginalised spaces. 


Step 1: Unite the students into 4-5  different groups 

Step 2: Each group is asked to review a contemporary architecture magazine such as Architectural digest, Indian Architect & Builder, Down to Earth, My livable city and analyse the representation of architecture in these magazines and make a note if the magazine represents  architecture in socially marginalised spaces. (Each group is given a different magazine or edition, if possible) 

Step 3: The groups go through through the magazine and make a note of their observations 

Step 4 : A representative from each group is asked to share their observations with the class 

Step 5 : Students are now asked to share their thoughts on the following: if you were asked to be the editor of this magazine, would you make any changes to the content represented in it? If yes, what would you change? ( these questions are open to the entire class) 

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