Fair Conditioning Shading Devices and Sun Path – Fair Conditioning

Shading Devices and Sun Path



Academic Year

2'nd Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Building Heat Transfer


Horizontal Shading Device


Passive Design Principles

Activity Type


Activity duration

3 hours


To understand the need for installing different shading devices for different facades to achieve optimum solar radiation and thermally comfortable spaces.


Students will develop interest in understanding the Sun and how the position of the Sun affects fa├žade design and shading as a passive design element.


Sketchbook, Pencil, Pen


Basic knowledge on Passive design principles and elements.


Step 1: Take the students for a walk around the college and a few neighbouring buildings and ask them to observe different facades in all the four main directions:East, West, North and South. Ideally the walk be done in three times of the day, morning (9 am), noon (12 pm) and evening (around 4 pm)

Step 2: Relate the facade designs with the position of the sun and intensity of the sunlight in each direction. Observe how each facade responds to the solar radiation. 

Step 3: Ask the students to document, draw, note the observations in each direction and different facades or shading devices. 

Step 4: Reflect collectively on different solar intensities in different directions, sun path and different shading devices and facades.

Step 5: Summarise and infer the findings out of reflections.



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