Fair Conditioning Simulated Human-Centred Listening Workshop – Fair Conditioning

Simulated Human-Centred Listening Workshop


Communication Skill

Academic Year

2'nd Year

Complexity Level




Content tags

Participatory Design Approach

Activity Type

Role Play

Activity duration

1-2 hours


To equip students with the skill to listen and absorb information shared by people living in informal settlements/communities which can support them in designing human centered designs for the settlements .


Students will be sensitised on community’s/users needs in their future design projects.




Preparation of certain prompt questions to initiate the design requirements and interaction within the divided groups. Deciding on different design briefs for bringing out diverse interactions and sharings (for eg. one group can look at designing houses for the group members, other can look at community space or an alternative learning space, etc.)


Step 1: Form groups of 7 students each. Where 2 students are asked to enact the role of architects and rest 5 the role of community members. 

Step 2: The architects are given a series of prompt questions that they can use to initiate conversation with community members and unravel issues they experience in their settlement.  The architects are asked to ensure that they listen to community members and ensure that everyone’s voice in the group is heard. They can be given the option of using tools such as participatory mapping, etc. Students are given 10 minutes to go through the questions and prepare to facilitate and participate in the simulated workshop. 

Step 3:  Students enact the simulated workshop 

Step 4: Students are asked to reflect on the need to listen and create an empathetic  space to understand issues while engaging and working with communities from informal settlements. 

Step 5: Students share their experiences of such participatory mode of design.



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