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Temperature Measurement of a Rooftop




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Building Heat Transfer

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Field Measurements

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Objective: To measure temperature of different horizontal surface material in college campus.

Outcome: Students will be able to understand the impact of building material used on the indoor temperature.

Requirements: Thermogun

Prerequisites: Identify rooftops made of different materials in the college campus(eg: RCC, Mangalore Tiles, Cement sheets, Tin Sheets)


Step 1: Group the students into groups of 4-5 members.

Step 2: Provide a thermogun to each group.

Step 3: Instruct each group to take temperature readings of 4-5 horizontal surface materials exposed to the sun.

Step 4: Instruct students to understand the difference in physical properties of the materials.

Step 5: Instruct the students to reason out the varied temperature readings based on the materials used.

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