Fair Conditioning Tracing Development historically over a period of the last decade – Fair Conditioning

Tracing Development historically over a period of the last decade


Urban Design


Urban Planning

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3'rd Year


4'th Year

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Organic Development


Smart City


Urban Development

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< 1 hour


To help students explore the evolution of spaces in their local contexts and the social, economic, political, climatic and ecological factors that led to the current state of these spaces


Students will understand the interconnected nature of the evolution of a  space and factors that impact it, which will provide them with insights into critically viewing current paradigms and approach of development.




Ability to conduct in depth interviews, use google earth and conduct secondary research (research reports, documentation studies and online research)


Step 1: Students and facilitator together need to identify an area/space in their vicinity that they have engaged with in the past/ are engaging with eg. a river, a lake, a mangrove area, the land on which they live currently or an area that has undergone tremendous transformation in the past few years.

Step 2: Inform them to conduct an in-depth secondary research of how the area has evolved over the last decade and the prominent social, economic, climatic, political and ecological factors that have influenced the evolution of the space. Suggest a few techniques they can use to conduct their research which can include historical google earth image study and online literature research, documentation studies done by researchers and academicians.

Step 3: Visit the area and the communities staying there and conduct few interviews with the older people who have witnessed the transformation to gather experienced insights on the transformation. The set of questions need to be tentatively designed and outlined. 

Step 4: This project can be taken up within the same week or stretched over a month or two. 

Step 5 : Inform students that they must present their research findings through a presentation in the classroom.

Step 6 : On the day of the presentation, after students present their research findings, initiate a discussion on the following

  • Level and intensity of physical transformation 
  • Socio-cultural and economic impact
  • Environmental degradation and Impact
  • Development projects that led to the transformation and the authentic need of it.
  • Key learning and reflections of the project
  • Perspectives and critical questioning on the development approach. 


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