Fair Conditioning Understand the Multidisciplinary Aspects of Architecture and Built Environment – Fair Conditioning

Understand the Multidisciplinary Aspects of Architecture and Built Environment


Architectural Design

Academic Year

1'st Year


2'nd Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Architectural Practice


Built Environment


Urban Development

Activity Type

Field Visit



Activity duration

1 day


Objective:  To understand how a built/project impacts and changes the immediate context in multidisciplinary ways such as social, cultural, psychological, physical, environment, quality of spaces, economic, technological, etc. aspects. 

Outcome: Students would be more mindful and sensitive to their design approach and decisions as every project has a larger impact on various aspects from social, psychological to environment. 

Requirements: Laptop/Mobile, Google Docs to prepare the questionnaire


1) Selection of the project/building (Any project/building that has changed the shape and value of the context to be selected). 

2) List of Stakeholders to be interacted with or surveyed to be prepared. If needed a collaboration with an anchoring NGO working on Urban Development be established. 

3) The questionnaire or modes of extracting data to be prepared by the students with the mentorship of the Faculties. Questionnaire to include questions on the  Economic, Social, Cultural, Psychological, Physical (Vibe, image, scale, associations, etc.) Philosophy, technology, Environment impact of development project or the building.


Step 1: Students will be interviewing the residents around, market vendors, shopkeepers, traffic cops, make observations how the surroundings have changed following the project, social spaces, financial transactions, value of the land, how the greens or trees have changed or increase in pollution or air quality, etc. Small groups of students can be formed to interview different stakeholders.

Step 2: Understand the responses and document the inferences on the multi dimensional aspects of the development projects that were ignored and acknowledged. 

Step 3:  Share the findings in the class. Reflect on the role of architecture in its multidisciplinary impact and character of the Built environment.

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