Fair Conditioning Understanding Ethics of Building Design, Approval and Construction – Fair Conditioning

Understanding Ethics of Building Design, Approval and Construction


Building Bylaws


Constitution of India & Professional Ethics


Construction & Project Management


Professional Practice

Academic Year

3'rd Year


4'th Year

Complexity Level


Content tags

Architectural Practice


Building Bylaws

Activity Type

Field Visit

Activity duration

2-4 hours


 To make the students well versed with the building bylaws and guidelines for different types of buildings


Students will critically view, understand the reasoning behind the building guidelines through onsite experience.


Measure Tape, pen and paper


Selection of the building/site, Knowledge and thorough study of Building bylaws, guidelines and regulations.


This exercise is based on mere study and observation of the guidelines followed and not. This will also bring in the reasoning based on the site observation especially when the guidelines and laws are not followed while designing a building.

Step 1: Form 3 groups within the class.

Step 2: Each group will visit the site/building selected prior to the visit. Diverse typology of buildings can be selected in the vicinity in an urban set up such as residential complex, mall, commercial complex. In case of the context being a town, site/building selection be customised accordingly.

Step 3: Each group will make the observations, take measurements of the minimum margins, distances, heights as mentioned, parking, ramp slope, fire, etc. as required for the building to have compliance with.

Step 4: Each group will question and reason simultaneously critically whether the guidelines are enough and well derived, and identify the gaps or additional guidelines be set, based on their observations.

Step 5: Each group will share the critical observations and findings with other groups



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