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Visit and Experience a Slum Redeveloped and a Rehabilitated Project




Urban Design


Urban Planning

Academic Year

3'rd Year


4'th Year

Complexity Level




Content tags

Affordable Housing


Informal Settlements


Slum Eviction

Activity Type

Field Visit

Activity duration

1 week

Activity Brief

 Visit a slum redeveloped and a rehabilitated project. Interview the slum residents  and reflect on the pros and cons of the project. Identify what were the economic/political aspirations of this project and the impact of this project on the mindset of the residents?

Objective and Outcome

To make the students sensitised, informed and critically question our government’s approach towards issues of informal housing by studying an already redeveloped and rehabilitated project


Site visit and observation, pen and paper


Selection of the rehabilitated project, knowledge of Slum redevelopment programs and plans, prior communication, ideally with the help of an organisation working with informal settlements. 


Step 1: Divide the class in two groups. Each group visits one site: A Rehabilitated slum and Redeveloped slum in situ. 

Step 2: Walk, observe, experience and interact with the residents. 

Step 3: Make observations on the living conditions of the slum dwellers. Assess the infrastructure provided by the government, understand the quality of design of the houses

Step 4: Interact with the residents, know their experiences of shifting and living in this upgraded housing scheme. Decode the economic/political aspirations and aspects of this project.

Step 5: Critically assess and question the housing quality and our perspectives on Informal housing. The groups will share their experience and learnings with each other. 

Step 6: Write your reflection in the form of a short writeup to build critical perspective on the Slum rehabilitation perspectives and by laws.


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