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What makes a space ‘A Happy space’?


Architectural Design



Academic Year

2'nd Year

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Content tags

Happiness Index


Space Cooling


Sustainable Building Design


Thermal comfort

Activity Type


Activity duration

1 week


To understand how a living space affects the moods and happiness of building users.


Students will be able to correlate happiness, well-being, sustainability with the way the space is designed.






Step 1: Organise the class into small groups.

Step 2: Ask the students to share within their group ‘Why and what element, space makes them happy and safe in their own house?’ Students should share with examples. 

Step 3: Ask the groups to come together and list down the elements, reasons, aspects, criteria that has come out in their group. For example: Size of apartment, amount of sunlight, the amount of wind flow, open space, thermal comfort, number of ACs, etc. 

Step 4: Based on the list and findings, create a questionnaire, which is to be asked to building users with focus on well-being, sustainability, design of the living space and thermal comfort.

Step 5: Each group conducts the survey for 10 residents each, the dwelling typology should be as different as possible such as bungalow, high rise, low rise, villa, green building, etc. 

Step 6: Compile the findings of the survey and derive inferences about the user preferences. 

Step 5: Share the result of the surveys in the class and reflect on the correlation of happiness with sustainability, living space and their design.

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