Druk White Lotus School


    • Owner
    • The Drukpa Trust
    • Location
    • Shey
    • Building Type
    • School
    • Total Floor Area Unit
    • SQ. FT.
    • Total Floor Area
    • 13347
    • Building Name
    • Druk White Lotus School

Project Team

    • HVAC Engineer
    • Ove Arup & Partners
    • Green Building Consultant
    • Francesca Galeazzi, environmental engineer

Building Design

    • Orientation
    • For energy efficiency, the buildings are designed to take maximum advantage of the sun, taking into account the unique solar potential of the high-altitude environment. The buildings in the daytime teaching area are turned 30° from the south towards the east to benefit from the morning sun. All other buildings face south, so as to maximise solar benefit throughout the day and store heat for evening and night-time use. (Druk White Lotus School, 2007 On site review, Aydan Balamir)
    • Daylighting
    • The southeast facades are extensively glazed to provide passive energy for solar heating and good levels of natural light, small windows are set in the north-facing facades to provide daylight.The classrooms are designed for optimum daylight. In the wider Nursery and Kindergarten Building, the light from the direct solar gain windows is balanced by toplighting from north- and south-facing clerestories and a splayed ceiling. No electric lighting is typically used in the classrooms. (www.solarpedia.com)

Building Performance


Lessons Learned


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