TR - Tonnage
in 2035
104 million TR
in 2015 to...
9 million TR
Commercial ACs in India will grow from
in 2035
225 million
in 2015 to...
32 million
room ACs in India will grow from
If the future is left to business as usual,
will be emitted by ACs in India by 2030
338 MT CO2e*
As a result,
(approximately 12% of GHG emissions in 2010)
The Solution?
Excessive Conventional
Air Conditioning
The Culprit?
Lets Cool Down


Fairconditioning is a Building-Cooling Demand-Side-Management (DSM) related education, capacity building, and pilot implementation programme.

It is an evidence-based policy support programme that is creating a cohesive sustainable cooling eco-system and deriving from it, a critical mass of evidence for institutionalizing academic, professional, and corporate-level transformations to achieve behaviour change amongst occupants of conditioned indoor spaces, reduce building heat loads (cooling demands), reduce energy and GHG intensity of artificial cooling systems.

Fairconditioning aims to deeply integrate sustainability and efficiency into architectural and HVAC-engineering higher education curricula, into practicing architecture & HVAC consulting firms, and into commercial enterprises.

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    Fairconditioning Bulletin, February 3, 2017

    Upgrading the next wave of Training of Trainers (ToT) After 2016, which was dense with 6 ToTs, held in 6 cities, followed by 76 participants, we are now listing and analysing ideas for content upgrades, using internal and external feedback and listing experiences we want to learn on. The ACIP is already working on producing high quality teaching aids (physical) that enable students to deeply understand concepts encompassing building materials, architecture design, climatology, and building science & services. We have also been calculating the carbon footprint of the 12 workshops so as to offset them. Beyond ToT, helping to upgrade curricula The stage after ToTs in each college and university is to get back to these academies and spend time with Head of departments and professors on curricula upgrade. This is when we get our hands in the nuts and bolts. We have started working with leading institutions, in Delhi,...
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