Executive Board

Chaïm Nissim
Executive Board Chairman

Executive Board Chairman, Engineer, Noé21 Founder. Dipl. in Information Technology and Electronics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Various development posts at CERN and expertise in several nuclear magnetic resonance machines. Four term MP, Geneva parliament.

Dr. Felix Dalang
Executive Board Member

Scientific Adviser, Noé21. PhD in environmental chemistry, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology. Specialisation in indoor air quality control and energy policy.

Vivek Gilani
Executive Board Member

Fairconditioning Programme Manager for India. Managing Director, cBalance Solutions Hub. Ashoka Fellow. Environmental Engineer (University of Massachusetts). BEE Energy Auditor. Co-Founder and Member of the Steering Committee for the First Eco-labelling Programme in India – The Green Signal.

Philippe de Rougemont
Executive Board Member

Fairconditioning Programme Director, Noé21 Coordinator, studied Political science at the University of Geneva. Held several positions in local and national environmental NGOs. Freelance journalist. Co-founder of Noé21 and DATAS press agency.