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Building Design

    • Active Cooling System
    • Godrej Eon AC uses the next generation refrigerant R290 having zero ozone potential and 3.3 GWP (100 Year, AR 2007)

      Key Safety Criteria compliance of Godrej Eon AC:

      Technical features and specification for safety

      • Additional protection sleeves are provided on the wire – to disable the chances of accidental combustion
      • Limitation of installation pipe length up to 6m only – to ensure refrigeration charge does not exceed mass required to mitigate the chances of accidental combustion
      • GMCC PH310G2C-4KTH compressor
      • Internal OLP (Overload Protection) for the compressor and burst-proof capacitor

      Consideration of International Standards for Safety:

      • European standard (EN 378), the limitation is 360~365gm for a 1.5T SAC – HCACs are within this limit

      Technical Expert Support

      • Service capabilities across India
      • Installation and post-installation support for the products

      Proved Energy Savings

      • HCAC achieves the Energy Savings primarily because of lower working pressure than R22
      • Godrej can share PH for specific customers as the need arises – unable to share the PH at present due to design confidentiality

Building Performance


    • Payback Time (for any investments to reach zero energy/low carbon)
    • Fairconditioning has conducted the life cycle costing study of 3 – star split AC and Godrej EON AC having R290 refrigerant. The result found that R290 is economically and environmentally beneficial. In India, one 3 – star Split AC runs for approximately 1,000 hours a year, which is close to about three hours a day for the full year or slightly longer periods on summer days.

      The average cost to run a 3-star split AC over 10 years is approximately Rs. 1.6 lakh and the starting cost is about Rs. 28000. The initial cost of Godrej Eon AC, which has R290 as a refrigerant, is Rs. 37,000  rupees, however, the lifetime cost is much less and spend less energy. Therefore, switching to R290 will give economical and environmental long term benefits. For example, if one home having conventional AC is replaced by AC like Godrej EON, we will be able to power 36 ceiling fans, save about 10,000 rupees annually, 120 lightbulbs could be lit in other people’s homes and it would be the equivalent of three cars being taken off the road in terms of reduced pollution and global warming impacts therefore these are this is a win-win-win technology environmentally and ecologically.

      Comparison study of Godrej Eon AC vs 3-Star Split AC

Lessons Learned

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